don’t mess with a fanboyㅋ

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Dear Hakyeon, please don’t feel like you’re at fault because you’re not at all. Please don’t apologise for getting hurt - you’re only human. You’re the best leader the group could ever have and Starlights will always be by your side. Cheer up and get well soon! 
#우리학연이사랑해요 ♡♡♡

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Hello everyone! We’re here to announce our birthday project for Ravi! Lumière du Soleil!
Our aim is to gather funds from everyone to make a donation to UNICEF to help them help the people in need in Central Africa Republic.


  • All donations are to go to via PAYPAL ONLY
  • Any amount is fine.
  • If you make us pay the paypal fee your donation will be refunded and your message will also not be counted
  • Once you’ve donated please email us at with your name, paypal email & amount donated.


  • You must donate first before sending in a message for Ravi.
  • Any length is fine, just don’t write a novel.
  • All messages to be sent to
  • You are able to send it in whichever language you’d like it in, but please provide an English version for our sake.
  • When sending the message to us, please give us your country of residence (if you wish to provide it).
  • Messages close on FEBRUARY 10TH 11.59PM KST

 Thank you all so much! Any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask or an email

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i hate you—i really hate you.

WON ANNIVERSAIRE! ☆ VIXX Europe, VIXX - France and VIXX - Starlight France wish for all STARLIGHTS attending VIXX’s concert in Paris to give Ravi an amazing birthday! We’ll be distributing ‘Happy Birthday Ravi’ hand banners to every fan attending the concert, for free. However, we cannot do this without your help!

We would appreciate any donations to help fund this project! Please send donations to via Paypal (to find out how to donate through Paypal, please read our tutorial here).

The deadline for donations is 25th January. If you have any questions, please contact us through @VIXXEurope. Thank you for your support and help! STARLIGHTS, go go go~! ☆

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Happy 300 Days, VIXX!

Wow. There’s only a little bit to go until your one year since debut! Our handsome, talented, and amazing Agents… you’ve worked so hard to show us your dreams. I have never been so proud or given this much of my love to a group of six men before. All of you have given your Starlights a precious gift: VIXX! We will cherish you forever. We will continue to run by your side tightly throughout the days. We will protect you as best as we can. We will always cheer you on, our six Agents~ Starlights love you.

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